I feel myself changing,


Kafka would be proud of me,



I’ve been hardened into a diamond,

Impurities pressed away,

Facets begin to form,

This skin sloughs away


The truth will out

The light will shine

Hunkered in the dark

It burns these eyes of mine


The cave is dissipating,

I sit, anticipating


The walls come down

The tower crumbles

The earth shakes

The sky rumbles


The eye of the storm

is a place of timidity

surrounded by weather

with awesome agility


The sun’s been raised up,

The Moon’s been weighed down

I place on myself

The hierophant’s gown


I collect up my scripture

I pull out my quill

and note down on the first page

‘Thou shalt always Kill’


But before I can continue

I must grieve

for the me that I killed

the me that’s bereaved


My personhood shifted,

my purpose now lifted

I evolved, at the expense

of the me that I was gifted.


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